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Primitive Signs and Other Maine Made Products by Paige Otis & Jane Ames

Products & Pricing

   All prices are based on the width of the sign or project ordered 

Please also remember the prices listed within the description do not include the shipping & handling 


(sample pictures of all of these sizes of signs are available in the photo gallery)

2" wide signs - "Mamma's Little Dumplins" $8.00 - $10.00 - Little Dumplins are the cutest little mini signs.  They make great desk toppers and are perfect as a small gift to secretaries, school teachers and daycare providers....or even a little gift for you!                                                                           

6" wide signs - "Mamma's Middle Man" $25.00 - Mamma's most requested size. The Middle Man is the most recent addition to the family. In an effort to accommodate customer's that don't have a large room to hang a substantial sized sign; yet want something that fills a wall nicely, the Middle Man was introduced. The Middle Man looks best with a routed edge and can accommodate up to two lines of text.  Children's Signs like, "Madison's Room", "Carter's Cabin", "Quincy's Castle" and Family Boards with personalized details such as the established date or family member's names...look best on this size.

8" wide signs - "Mamma's Big Daddy" $30.00 - The Big Daddy is the widest sign offered and most often ordered for camps & large family rooms.  This size is also the most requested size for family signs.

10" wide signs - "Mamma's Grand Daddy" $30.00-$40.00 The Grand Daddy is exactly that!  At 10 inches in width it is the widest board offered and intended for extremely "wordy" sayings or quotes or for those signs that you would like to have catch the attention of visitors (see the "Country Girl" sign in the photo gallery under "signs of various widths and prices").

Vertical Boards - Cost: $10.00 - $15.00: Available in any width but intended for vertical layout.  Addresses and one word "signs" look best on a 6" width board (Mamma's Middle Man) and, for addresses, can accommodate street numbers and up to two appliques. 

Stall Plaques - Cost $20.00-$25.00: Many have ordered signs for their special someone of the equine kind! A great way to let everyone know your horse isn't, "the horse with no name". The sign in the photo gallery is shown in campsite (green) with white writing and an antiqued finish. The stall plaque is completed with two rusty stars but customer's may also request a real horseshoe to be mounted instead. Real horseshoes are an additional $3.00


(Sample pictures of Lolly Boxes are available in the photo gallery) 

Cost: $35.00: As a little experiment at my craft fairs in 2008 I brought along my latest product and they sold like hot cakes!  Lolly or Treat boxes are tall pine boxes complete with a lid, painted and primmed up!  The front of the box can have any text desired - the intent of the product is to hold lollypops, dog biscuits or just plain old candy.  Customers loved to custom order these for grandparents, aunts and uncles, daycare providers & co workers. Sample text for the front include: "Nana's Lollies" or "Auntie's Treats", "Karen's snacks" or "Bowzer's Biscuits".  On the sides of the box I can write the names of children or grandchildren and if it's a pet treat box, the name of the pet can be added. 


(Sample pictures of Dog Bins are available in the photo gallery) 

Cost: $64.00: One of our most popular items.  Dog bins are tall pine boxes complete with a hinged lid, painted and primmed up!  The front of the bin can have any text desired - example text "For the love of dogs" "All you need is love... and a dog" "Home is where your dog is" and for those customers who prefer to use their dog bins for  recyclables, veggies, etc. a more generic text can be added such as "Live Laugh Love".  On the lid of the box, people prefer to have their pets names or families last name.


(Sample pictures of furniture are available in the photo gallery)

Cost: Dependent on project: Sample furniture projects: Children's Chairs, Nursery Rockers, Sewing Tables, End Tables, Children's Desks and Chairs, Picture Frames...the possibilities are endless


 (Sample pictures of all items below can be found in the photo gallery)

Growth Boards:  These popular 6"x 6' boards are used to measure your growing tot.  Cost: $35.00

If you have something in mind and you don't see it listed, please don't hesitate to call or email.  I am open to new ideas....who knows, I might even have your request in stock!

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