Country Mamma Signs

Primitive Signs and Other Maine Made Products by Paige Otis & Jane Ames

What you need to know

Once you have looked over the products and narrowed down your choices, here are the things that you will be asked upon placing your order:

  1. For signs, what size would you like? (widths: 2", 6", 8", 10") (length: totally dependent on your space...measure first!)
  2. What color would you like your order? (see the colors & appliques tab)
  3. What would you like for an applique? (see the colors & appliques tab)
  4. Would you like your product to be "primmed up" (distressed and waxed with an antiquing glaze) or left to look "clean"?
  5. What, assuming there is text involved, will your text be?  If you need help choosing a saying for a special occasion or you just want a sign but you can't think of that saying that you once heard and loved, give Country Mamma a call at (207)279-0435 or (207)564-7520 or email us at Country Mamma has over 150 text options and can help you narrow down a selection based on a short phone conversation or email.

Payment Information

Accepted Forms of Payment: 

  • VISA® MasterCard® and Discover®
  • Money Orders
    Personal Checks accepted upon approval but subject to a $25 fee for insufficient funds